Collaboration: Co-Founders, Referral Groups and Knowledge Sharing

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  • Finding a co-founder
  • Creating / Joining a Referral Group
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Connecting with those interested in being involved in startups

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How can collabration help my business?

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Finding a co-founder can often be a critical step in starting your business. As the environment in which business operate become more complex it becomes more challenging to start a business on your own. Having a co-founder can help bridge the gap in your skillset. 

Increase Sales

There are businesses in different industries which have the same target customer as you. As you are not in competition, this is an opportunity to leverage each other’s client base. For example, an accountant and a web developer could work together to recommend each other’s services

Reduce Costs

Knowledge Sharing

This is an opportunity for early stage entrepreneurs to work together to help each other to get the business started. Each entrepreneur has different skills and experience. For example, an accountant can help a web developer with his company legal structure, VAT and startup funding. The web developer can in turn help the accountant with their website.

Volunteering & Internships

There are a number of people who are happy to share their advice and experience to help businesses get started. There advice could save you both time an money. There are also people who are very eager to gain experience for their CV. The experience you give them could be the stepping stone they need to get their career started. 

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