How to find a good accountant in Ireland


Recommendations will always be the best source to assist you in finding quality accountants in Dublin. Dublin is a socially small city. A trusted friend or business acquaintance can provide a reliable opinion. While most accountants are ethical in their approach to running their business, it is far too easy to ask a friend to write a recommendation only or be selective in adding customer comments to a website.

However, relying on your network really limits your choice. Also, just as a pair of glasses, an accountant suitable for one person may not be suitable for you. Finally, the person making the recommendation will only have been exposed to the quality of service provided by his/her current accountant. There is the possibility of finding accountants providing a higher quality service at a much more competitive price.


Linkedin is a great website for networking with people in business. It assists greatly in establishing the credibility of the accountant you?re considering hiring. You can see their work experience, skills as well as recommendations.

One very useful thing about Linkedin is you can see connections you have in common. Even if you don?t know the person very well, it?s unlikely they will recommend someone unless they provide a good quality service because it will also damage their reputation and Dublin has a small business community.

The problem with using Linkedin to find an accountant is there are many different types of accountants. Linkedin wasn’t created to find services. While you might find a lot of accountants most will probably be working for large accounting firms like PwC or KPMG and are not providing services to a small business.


Google is a great source of information to find accountants in Dublin or any city. Google has both local listings being displayed at the top of the page, advertisements and organic search results. The organic listings will also have feedback provided by people.

Combining Google search result with Linkedin can be a great way to find a reliable accountant. However, it?s important to not Google ranks accountants in its organic search results mostly based on the quality of content and the number of links going to a website. The ranking is not based on the quality of service.

Gumtree is a classifieds website which allows you to post a free ad looking for an accountant in Dublin or county in Ireland. When you post your ad please ensure you include as much information as you can publicly to find the right accountant.

When you post your ad accountants will start replying. You can use Linkedin to do your background checks on those who apply to your job.

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