Self-Employed can defer payment for 12 months

If you are self-employed you will be aware you are due to complete your annual return for 2019 which is now due by December 10th. You will be required to pay taxes due for 2019 and preliminary taxes for 2020.

Paschal Donohoe announced a range of measures to help small and medium businesses. One of which is extending debt warehousing to the self-employed. If you expect your 2020 income to be at least 25% less than 2019 then you can apply. This means you can defer your 2019 tax payment and your 2020 preliminary tax payment for 12 months. (source)

However, if there is an underpayment of preliminary tax for 2019 then this can not be warehoused. It can however avail of a 3% reduced interest phased payment arrangement. This needs to be agreed with revenue by December 10th. 

Revenue have confirmed applicants have until the 10th of December to avail of the scheme. The scheme is also open to landlords. (source)

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